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Health & Personal Care

We have over two decades of cutting-edge experience. Sparshika is a fast growing manufacturer of wellness and health care products. With considerable investment in research, the product so developed confirm to the highest standard of purity and hygiene. Our critical clinical tests ensure safety and effectiveness of our products.

Sparshika brings you wide range of products in the segment of beauty, hair care, foot care and health.

By using Sparshika products, you can now effectively combat with the environmental pollution, stress of life and restore the vigour, natural immunity and radiance of your skin.

Hair Care Kit

Procedure- To start with the treatment given, first soak hair pack/ mehendi overnight if you want coloured hairs or just soak the pack and apply on hairs properly all over and keep for two hours and wash them with luke warm water. Repeat this for every week.

Hair Oil- On the day of hair pack application, apply two spoons of hair oil at night to the roots of hairs and message for ten minutes and later two minutes with comb rigorously. Leave the oil for overnight and wash with comb rigorously. Leave the oil for overnight and wish with herbal shampoo next day. Repeat this for twice a week. Herbal combination of oil will help you to reduce hair fall, dandruff and improve the growth, texture and softness of hair.

Important Note- If you follow this procedure for three weeks, you will get rid of all of your hair problems leaving your hairs growing and shining. For chronic Dandruff problems mix piece of Camphor/ Kapoor and apply on hairs.

Ingredients- Hair Oil, Herbal Shampoo, Hair Pack cum mehendi.

Who We Are?

Treat, nourish, care and protect your skin from rigors of modern living and pollution effects.

At Sparshika, we are vowed and committed to give you the most pure, original product – manufactured out of 100% natural, plant-based ingredients. We do not use any artificial colours, petrochemicals, chemicals, preservatives and even flavours. We have time-proven formulas, well-tested in laboratories. We adhere to strict quality control and highest standard of hygiene to deliver the best products.

To make every women feel beautiful and elegant from inside out.

We want to provide service to every single person on this Planet, with the help of our 100% natural high quality products, who desires to look beautiful and cherish the beauty.