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Mala Sumedha Health Tonic ne Khup Farak Padala ahe , Energy level vadhali Ani Mazya 11 Varshachya muli madhe pan immunity vadhali ahe. Kahi apale jase ki Utane, Face pack, Beauty Cream mule Skin Soft zali ahe. Ani Hair Oil, Shampoo, Mehndi mule maze 90% paryant kes galane bandh zale ahe. Ani Vadhale Ahe.

Mala Saglyat Motha problem Periods cha hota, 3 mahine satat sumedha ghetlyane to nighun Gela, ani dusare manje Alerjic SardiGeli without Medcine. Tasech Kes galyancha problem Shampoo, Oil, Mehndhi Mule Purn Bandh zala ahe. Feeling very Happy…!

Mi Sumedha & Feather Touchche Sarv Products Vaparle Aahet, Sarv Products Uttam aahet. Hair oil Utane, Beauty cream he vaprun mazya skin & haot che sarv problem solove zale aahet. Sumedha health tonic mule maze periods che mejor problem solove zala ahe ani maze HB satat je kami hot hote te sumedha mule vadhale aahe ani tasech te maintain hi zale ahe tyamule Sampurn Aarogyasathi sumedha & feather touch che products Khup Uttam ahe.

Mala Sandhiwatacha khupach tras Barech divas hota to me sunedha ghetala ne Far manje 80% chya pekasha kami zala. Thanks Jayshree.

Me sumedha, Oil, Shampoo mehendi Regular use karat ahe tyachane mazya kesat changli growth zali ahe.

Me mazya Mulanna sumedha roj dete ahe ani vishesh manje tyanchi immunity khupch vadhalele ahe.

Mazya Mulila regular sumedha ghet aslyane tichi immunity power vadhali ahe.

Maza Accident zala hota theva mazya cherhrya jakham zali hoti ani natar ti bari zali pan tyacha black dag face var hota. Pan mi Beauty Cream jeva regular apply kelyavar to dag gela.

I have used these products. They are really effective and more over they are much affordable prices as compared to other ayurvedic Products, Thanks to Aprana to introduce me to such nice products.

I use all products are very effective & responcible I am a small distrubutor of these & I feel very good that I can give my Society & friends good products & Specially Indian Product So I m so satisfie that doing this Thank you mam.

I like all of your products, Mostly the Scrub Pack (Utane), Cold Cream & Lip Balm are very effective. Thank you!

I am feeling Happy for Sumedha's test n Smell . But I have to see for the result yet , I started 2 days back only , but I used Wax is its really good.

I liked your products Specialy cold cream has good result.

I like your Harbel Products Cold cream is awesome. Hair Oil is Good.

Cold Cream is very Nice Products.

I like your Products. Mostly I Like Herbal Wax. Its realy Amezing Result.

I am using uour Herbal Products. Really Nice. Sumedha me roj majha sampurn Kutumbala dete ani mi pan ghete. All Products khup chan ahhet Utane ani cold cream, wax awasome. Thanks to Sparshika & feather Touch.

It is good Experience using your Products. I like the beauty cream & Cold Cream.

I liked Mehandi, Oil, Shampoo Kit Thank You..!

Sumedha is good healthTonic. I am using regularly Thanks Sparshika Ayurved.

I am using all products regularly I got good result in my face skin good health hair I like products Thanks.!

Sumedha health Tonic, Wax, Cold Cream, Face pack, Leap Bam, All products are good & Effective.

All Products are simply best No side effects, reasanable, Worth full I just like it all the products are good.

All Products are good.

Wax Facepack oil, Good excellent Product ; Because of oil Hair get healthy Feel good.

Scrub Pimple pack Products are good.

Wax Lip balm products are very good.