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Sparshika (Feather Touch Products: License procedure is in process so the products are only for private ciculation).

Welcome to the Holistics world of Saprshika. Sparshika initiated its business in 2002. Mrs. Rupali Bapat the promoter of the company is an acclaimed Naturopath , who believes in the virtues of holistic life. She has used her expertise in Ayurved and Naturopathy and started her company Sparshika- An ayurvedic beauty producs company. The pure, authentic and high quality Sparshika products are being sold everywhere in Maharashtra and would soon be available across India.Our Ayurvedic philosophy emphasizes on the harmony of physical, mental and overall well-being. Physical and Mental health is the cornerstone for leading a healthy life and must be restored and kept balanced. This will also give you contentment and peace of mind. It gives you well-being of health with serenity.